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Freedom and ease of handling.
Equipped with a lightweight structure, the Askoll e-Scooter faces the city with you: no more queues or parking problems.

From a grand history, a new future. Electric.
High energy efficiency, very low consumption and saving of raw materials have been the distinguishing features of Askoll electric motors since 1978. The firm boasts more than 800 registered patents regarding this component and its applications. In 2015 the Group decided to use its expertise to take on a new challenge: to enter the sector of sustainable mobility, presenting a range of electric vehicles on the market.

Askoll vehicles are 100% electric. They are designed and manufactured in Italy, as are their most sophisticated components (battery, electronic control unit, motor): everything is developed in-house. The automation required to produce and test the vehicles is also designed and produced by Askoll, as is their design, which expresses the quality associated with products Made in Italy. Technology, sustainability, Italian spirit: Askoll’s excellence stems from the dialogue of these three values.

Ultron EV chose Askoll EVA to enrich its product portfolio with premium Made in Europe solutions in the beginning of 2023.

Ultron EV will distribute Askoll EVA-branded e-scooters and e-bikes exclusively in the Netherlands and non-exclusively in Germany.

Gian Franco Nanni, Chief Executive Officer of Askoll EVA, said: “We are thrilled to announce
the arrival of Askoll EVA in Germany and the Netherlands, two thriving markets for electric
mobility that offer enormous growth potential for the coming years. Ultron BV’s experience
in distribution and its network of 150 dealers in Germany and the Netherlands, combined
with its in-depth knowledge of both markets, make it an ideal partner for developing our
business in these geographical areas”.

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