SUNRA is a listed company mainly specializing in design, R&D, manufacturing and sales of electric vehicles. SUNRA produces excellent-performance electric vehicles with the current advanced technology. These SUNRA electric vehicles have got the approved certificate such as EEC, DOT, CE, EPA and have spread all over the world.

Once a burning idea conceived inside a garage in Beijing, the capital of China, SUNRA has rapidly grown into an internationally known electric vehicle company. The result is groundbreaking electric vehicle innovation that is available for customers to own today. Since 1999, when the first prototypes were produced, SUNRA has invited experts to go for a ride. Some things are better experienced than explained.

‘Some things are better experienced than explained

FD Motors

Taizhou Fansibai Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd( with brand name FD MOTORS) is a manufacturer of motorcycles and electric scooters. FD MOTORS is located in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province of China. FD MOTORS is mainly focused on the scooter’s research、development & designing and producing.   

At the moment, our E-scooter are focused on Lithium battery only, with strong power motor, humanization design of electronic parts and professional CAN communication system, our products provide clients a comfortable driving and long range journey, can be use for daily bike or delivery bike with post box. 

Under the staff self-identity, customer satisfaction, partner collaborative, we warmly welcome all partners to provide us better suggestions, would like to share professional opinions together, to be built a new look and reach a beautiful future together!


Yadea Group is a high-end electric two-wheeler manufacturer integrating the development, production and sales of pedelec, electric mopeds, electric motorcycles, electric kick scooters and their accessories.

They are using their market leadership to inspire a movement towards greener travel solutions. Our vision is to create world-leading electric vehicle (EV) solutions by building innovative technologies that meet and exceed international standards for safety and quality. And always be devoted to create a new generation of green travel lifestyle and lead the electric two-wheeled vehicle industry development.

‘Electrify your life!’

Company Policy


With four completely different brands under our roof, there is always a vehicle available that meets the requirements of your consumer base. No need to look any further.


We don’t only sell vehicles, but we love them too. We are solely focused on E-Mobility. We live it and we share it. Welcome to step into the future together.


Unlike others we always sell our vehicles out-of-the-box. The reason for this extra quality control, done by us. This services saves a lot of precious time for our costumers. Come and experience our service by yourself.


All warranty claims and parts will be taken care of and distributed directly by us. No need to this through another party. Let’s keep business simple and organised.


We only work with the biggest and best E-Mobility suppliers, like YADEA in the world in order to supply our costumers only with the best there is available.

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