#1 Performance & Battery

German Quality

Our German partner BOSCH developed this 800W motor for instant acceleration: 0-45 km/h in just 9.8 seconds! Furthermore the motor is as quiet as a library, only 40db.



Miku Max’s FOC-controller manages the BOSCH motor to achieve an accurate & stable control of the motor for different road conditions, a smooth acceleration and most importantly an incredibly pleasant journey.

Go Green!

A portable 60V20AH Lithium-Ion battery of only 9kg that fully charges in 4 hours with a life expectancy of 5 years (1000 cycles) ánd has an advanced BMS.

100% electric power, what do you need more?


#2 Design

With this LED digital display you will see everything crystal clear, whether it is in full sunlight or complete darkness.

Watch Me!

It doesn’t only look extremely good, but with it’s full LED head / tail lights and iconic halo you can be sure that even when driving at night people will notice you. Safety for you and the people around you is important.


#3 Details

Stopping Power

A simple yet super efficient front & rear disc brake system makes sure that you can come to a stop in a safe manner.


Rock 'n Shock

These 4-coupling shockers make driving over all those speedbumps a lot more acceptable. Rough roads are history.


User-friendly handling can keep your eyes on the road and not your handlebar. Miku Max has Cruise Control to make your journey even more comfortable.

Not a Gas Tank

Since our Miku Max is 100% electric, this vintage gas tank is used as a small storage space which features:
– A LED light (for finding your valuables in the dark)
– An USB port (to charge your device)